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Baldu gamyba ir kitos prekės

Furniture production and other goods

  • Production of non-standard and standardized furniture from A-Z and sales
  • Partner production
  • Acoustic solutions for offices and private objects
  • Production and sale of lighting fixtures
  • Household appliances and equipment
  • Interior decor goods

Interior and space design

  • Interior design from concept to visualization
  • Space design
  • From the preparation of the interior technical design to the final project implementation
  • Drawings of non-standard furniture, furniture layout in the plan
  • Preparation of lighting plans, selection of products
  • Calculation, selection and detailing of acoustic solutions in the plan
Interjero kūrimas ir erdvių projektavimas
Projektų valdymas

Project management and supervision

  • Project budget management (budgeting), cost analysis
  • Supplier Management in all project process, supervision
  • Selection of architects and other suppliers required for the implementation of the project, administering the best value offers to the client
  • Project administration from the initial stage to the actual implementation and all project management services (Design, Construction part, Furniture, Lighting, Other interior elements)

Service works

  • Furniture installation – dismantling, furniture repair
  • Transport, stevedoring services
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